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Secret advice for your unforgettable vacation
in the Alps

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Is travelling mere entertainment or should it broaden one’s mind? I came to think about it when noticing how tourism in Austria and all over the world was affected by the latest lock-downs and travel restrictions. For sure: travelling has changed.

This blog is for those who are looking for recreational localities. From Carinthia in Austria, to Bavaria in Germany and the Swiss canton of Grisons, everything will be covered. Even if these regions were not that popular in the past, due to the current pandemic more and more people will rethink their holiday plans and look for destinations in the immediate surrounding. Honestly, it is hard to believe that travelling will never be the same again. Although it became more difficult to cross the borders, there are plenty of travel destinations within our country. In fact, vacation is crucial for everyone’s mental and physical health. But wait – there is more. Local hotel businesses are affected by this pandemic like hardly any other sector. Thus, it is vital to support the national industry, first and foremost hotel businesses and gastronomy.

So let us bite the bullet and find your new favorite spot in your native country. Keep in mind that your body needs recreation and the national industry has to be supported. There are plenty of extravagant spots which are waiting to be discovered by you!

(c) Sarah Payr